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Hear Me Out: Frequent Cleaning Service

Hear Me Out: Increase your Cleaning Service

Part of what makes us different is that we actually consider what it will take to make our cleaning service clients more than just satisfied, but rather really thrilled they found our cleaning service, BLUECOOPER Janitorial!

Sometimes that means suggesting something you may not want to hear—like your facility really needs to be cleaned more than just once per week.

Reasoning for increased cleaning service:

To meet your standards. Most facilities, especially those under 10,000 square feet, think they’re facility only needs cleaning service once a week. They think they aren’t that messy, it’s not that big, etc. However, it is always the once per week facilities that complain about things getting missed. It is important to understand that when we send an associate only once a week for cleaning service, he/she is often catching up rather than maintaining. A huge difference! You probably chose once per week for budgetary reasons, but then we as a company can’t afford to pay the person to be there for too long, so their once per week shift is a fairly short one. This means they are removing trash, sweeping and dusting a bit, if time allows. Not a thorough cleaning job, and certainly not a professional cleaning service.

To meet our standards. Most cleaning companies will do the bare minimum they can get away with to keep the client at bay. Our cleaning service is different—WE have expectations that we want met. Your office is a representation of BLUECOOPER. You may want corners cut to save on cost, but then I suggest you go with another cleaning service. We don’t mean to sound harsh, we simply don’t want the BLUECOOPER stamp on something that is only half-way done. A person’s hair is a reflection of their stylist, the state of your office is a reflection on us. I’m not there to defend “but they only give us access once per week!”

To keep our staff employed. I often visit facilities that think think they only need a once per week clean AND that it should be around $200/month. Sure. If you don’t want ANY detail, (forget vacuuming rugs, behind or under furniture, dusting picture frames, or cleaning out the inside of break room fridge) and you’re okay with constant turn-over (which = inconsistencies at best and security issues)—because to profit on a $200/month once a week only client, I’d have to pay minimum wage and offer a very short shift – a job no one wants. Then, because of the turn-over, I’m constantly posting ads, interviewing, hiring, retraining and dealing with complaints from the client… and all of a sudden your account is costing us $200/month. Not a good business move.


So, please keep this in mind when requesting cleaning service bids. EVERYONE is happier when a facility is cleaned at minimum 2x/week. We are able to get to the detail that we expect and that pleases you and your staff, and 2x/week makes a great part time job for someone going to college, paying off debt, saving for a big purchase, etc.