Covid 19 Disinfecting Service

Covid 19 Disinfecting Service

ISG understands the uncertainty and related concern that comes with being in the workforce during the time of Covid 19. We want to quiet that unease by offering several options for Covid 19 Disinfecting Service.    

We believe it is important to be armed with the most recent studies and facts. This keeps you informed. It also keeps you from being overly scared. There are companies that are trying to make a buck on fear. At ISG, we offer our Covid 19 Disinfecting Service as a convenient and safe means of getting your workplace back to its healthiest state as quickly as possible.

If your facility is one with lots of foot traffic and ins and outs from the public, you may want to consider a Day Porter Service to supplement your after-hours cleaning.

Because the virus can live on surfaces for some time, it is best to be preventative and have these cleaned with a proper cleaning agent regularly.

It is also important to consider regular Covid 19 Disinfecting Service if you have employees that are at increased risk for severe illness.

Should My Office Get Disinfected?

If you have preventative measures in place, such as mask-wearing and hand sanitation stations available, and you have few employees, a once-a-day cleaning should suffice.

If you have an active Covid 19 outbreak or even just one confirmed case, call us and we’ll discuss our most recent suggestions based on current CDC recommendations. From fogging to detail touch point disinfection, we have a Covid 19 Disinfecting Service right for you!

We will not oversell or pressure you to commit to a plan that is not necessary for your facility’s situation. We aim to work closely with each property manager to develop a plan that meets their needs, concerns and budget.

This service is a great compliment to our daily janitorial cleaning services.

Covid 19 Disinfecting Service
Covid 19 Disinfecting Service
Covid 19 Disinfecting Service

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