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Special Cleaning Services

Bluecooper San Antonio Janitorial Services was founded in San Antonio in 2007 by a woman who loves to help others, provide jobs and see clean spaces! Since then, we’ve grown into serving other cities when word of mouth spread beyond our city’s borders!

We are proud to offer San Antonio janitorial service to you! San Antonio janitorial service from BLUECOOPER will bring you all the things you want, and none of the junk you don’t! That’s why our motto is “Not What You’re Used To”, because we know what you’re used to with cleaning companies and it’s not okay!

Not What You’re Used To:

With Bluecooper, you’ll get the attention that a facility with specific cleaning needs and differing preferences deserves!

Owner and President Tristin Burell does all facility tours herself. It is important to her to hear first hand what your needs, expectations and pet peeves are! Most noteworthy, she then personally hires and trains the staff in your facility so there is no gap in service! Because she personally hires all employees, they know her, her expectations for them and respond well to constructive criticism.

But, don’t fret–Bluecooper isn’t a small “mom and pop” shop. We also have managers in place to make monthly inspections and supply drops. Bluecooper services 29 facilities in San Antonio alone, almost all of which are 40,000 sq ft+. Better yet, we aren’t a franchise, therefore we’re actually in touch with your daily needs! Don’t even get us started on franchises. We probably don’t have to… you’ve likely dealt with one!

We have employees that have been with us for 4+ years because we are also “Not What You’re Used To” for our amazing crew members! Unfair pay, cut hours, long drives to facility assignments are a thing of the past for Bluecooper employees!

Give us the chance to show you the Bluecooper Difference; with no contracts, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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