Janitorial Service in San Antonio

San Antonio Day Porter to the Rescue

San Antonio Day Porter

As BLUECOOPER Janitorial Services has grown over the years, we’ve put management systems in place, of course. However, some things simply need to remain in the owner’s control.  Tristin Burell makes every single initial facility visit herself. This is where she gets to meet the client and hear their current complaints. She tours their facility and gets to know their needs and wants firsthand. Because of this knowledge, she is well-equipped to assign staff to said building. She can also train staff to please that particular client, and more often than not, that includes utilizing a San Antonio day porter.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that many a client would benefit from a San Antonio day porter. So many property managers and GMs are used to hiring after-hour cleaning crews. What they don’t realize, is how much happier they’d be if they also incorporated a San Antonio day porter into their cleaning regimen. Especially in a larger facility, or one with lots of foot traffic, a San Antonio day porter can be an incredible blessing. High morale is more important than ever in the workplace, and keeping restrooms stocked, kitchens cleaned and trash bins empty go a long way with your stressed employee base!

A San Antonio day porter can lighten the work load required of the night crew, so there is some savings to be had, as well! A night crew is almost always essential. Mopping, for instance, is never safe to do during working hours. Also, dusting while your staff is sitting at their desks can be extremely unpleasant. So, yes, a night crew is a must. But add a San Antonio day porter to the mix and your staff AND your night crew will be much happier! Happy crew—happy you!