janitorial services in san antonio

Big Promise. Big Delivery.

In our personal lives, I teach my kids to “under promise, over deliver” and give them examples of when I wish someone would have done that for us. For instance, tell me it will take a year to complete our home project, that way when it’s done in 11 months (vs the 8 months I was really hoping for), I’ll still be thrilled that you delivered faster than you promised. You over delivered. So, when I’m on facility tours pitching our services, I try to keep that in mind. But it’s hard. I know that our services sound too good to be true, but that is only because you are used to being let down. So having your janitorial needs actually met? Can’t be. Right? Wrong.


I assure potential clients that we’ll be extremely easy to get a hold of should an issue arise. I’ll tell them that I typically get great response from my staff after constructive criticism. Usually, I explain how we train them to actually refer to the log book each shift and respond promptly and professionally. I tell them it’s not an upcharge to clean out the inside of the refrigerator, just ask and we’ll do it. I explain that we have very low turn-over and they’ll likely have the same staff for a very long time. Sometimes I bring up that we give bonuses for perfect attendance, mail gift cards for birthdays and throw at least one staff party a year.


I leave my appointments wondering if the client thinks I’m over promising. If they have it in their head that we’ll never deliver. However, that is exactly why our motto is what it is: Not What You’re Used To. I do know what our clients are used to in the janitorial industry. And I do promise to be not that. But guess what? We also actually deliver. And without a contract. Just because it’s the right thing to do. And also, it’s not that hard.

I have a sign in my office that reads: “If you work really hard and you’re nice to people, amazing things will happen.” I believe that. I believe that because it’s proven true in my own life and with BLUECOOPER Janitorial Services. We work really hard. We’re nice to our staff and our clients. As a result, we’re able to deliver on those big promises.