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Not What You’re Used To Cleaning Service

Not What You’re Used To.

That’s our cleaning service slogan. And for good reason. When we first started out, we interviewed companies about their current cleaning service. We quickly discovered that what people were used to with cleaning service was so sub-par! It was no wonder nearly every facility out there is less than pleased with their cleaning service. So, in short, our business plan was to “do it different.” So when we started our slogan was “Doing it different. Doing it right.”

Then we started picking up accounts. As I toured facilities with property managers complaining of how they have to remind their cleaning service to dust blinds, or vacuum corners, I’d comment on how they shouldn’t have to do so. Their response? “Eh. I’m used to it.” Used to it? Used to having to remind someone to do the very job they are paid to do? Well, then, if that is the case, I want to be NOT what you’re used to. And a new slogan was born.

Same goes for you.

Our new slogan seemed fitting, as the more I learned about what people were used to, the more I wanted to be not that. Same went for my staff. During interviews, I’d ask them about their experience, and unfortunately, along came stories of poor pay, irregular hours, false promises. So, this is what hard working people in the cleaning service industry are used to? Then guess what? I want to be NOT what they’re used to, as well.


We just started in a new account on August 1st. It’s a large facility and 2 of the client’s staff work the after hours shift, so they observe my crew. Just yesterday, a week into our start, the manager sent me this email:

I want to share a conversation I had with one of our night employees.

He called me last night to tell me how professional your team is.  He said they are easy to talk to, care about their work and take pride in what they do.  This is something we are not used to.  I just wanted to share.

I was beaming, of course, upon receiving this. And guess what stood out to me? That second to last sentence. “This is something we are not used to.” Bam! Mission accomplished.

And as for the equally important goal of being not what my staff is used to (with previous cleaning service companies), I surprised them by dropping by the facility early and filling supply closet with blue balloons, a hand written thank you card for each of them and a $100 cash bonus to thank them for their incredibly hard work that earned them an unsolicited positive feedback from client!

Yesterday was an especially fun day for one of the crew members here, as he also received in the mail his birthday card with gift card from us at BLUECOOPER. He texted me: “balloons, a bonus AND a birthday card?! Your company is so different, and I’m so happy to be part of the BLUECOOPER family.” Different you say? Perfect…that’s exactly what we’re going for.