Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies What cleaning supplies does your current cleaning crew utilize? Is it dollar brand items from the corner store? Do you see your cleaning crew bringing in their own cleaning products? Unfortunately, a combination of these two situations is all too often common in the cleaning industry! What a shame, too because there are

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Office Cleaning Near Me

“Office cleaning near me” … you’ve probably searched this phrase before, perhaps even as often as once a year. Maybe your current cleaning crew isn’t dusting well; it’s possible they aren’t showing up on the days/times that were promised. I’d believe you if you said they weren’t sticking to the scope of work guaranteed to

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San Antonio’s Best Cleaning Company

San Antonio’s Best Cleaning Company What makes San Antonio’s Best Cleaning Company?  Here what we think makes BLUECOOPER Janitorial Services the best in San Antoni0: No Contracts!  We earn your business not bind you to it. No independent contractors – all W2 employees – we are committed to your security and that starts with our

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Taking new customers!

Taking new customers! Starting in 2007 by our founder Tristin Burell, we have always been committed to giving the best service to our customers.  That is why we have often turned away janitorial business and new commercial cleaning accounts to make sure we first we delivering to our current customer list.  We are proud to

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Got Dust?

It is common for a property manager to consider the surface cleanliness of their facility and request a regular janitorial cleaning service: vacuum, mop, dust, trash removal, restroom sanitation, etc. What is less common, but equally important to both your health and standard of real clean, is air filter maintenance. If your facility has several staff members for

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