San Antonio Building Maintenance Services

What a Year (for a Janitorial Contractor!)

This year has been challenging for all of us, to say the least. We at BLUECOOPER have seen this year’s troubles from an interesting perspective, being in the janitorial contractor sector. All the chaos of the second quarter certainly kept us on our toes and we worked hours on end to have a proactive approach to the concerns of our clients and staff alike. It was a nerve-wracking time for those in janitorial contractor work. New (and unreliable) companies were popping up left and right to seize the supply and demand opportunity brought about by fear of germs and pathogens. Meanwhile, long-standing companies that provided janitorial contractor work were closing up shop because they couldn’t keep up with the new needs and CDC- requirements.

We at BLUECOOPER felt incredibly stressed and simultaneously blessed during this time! In early 2020, before Covid-19 was making any news here in the states, we had begun talking to an incredible group of business partners from Intuitive Services Group about joining the BLUECOOPER team. Amidst the serious task of keeping staff calm, trained in new procedures and well-stocked with gloves and disinfectant, we were in constant meetings to see if we all would, in fact, make a great team for those in need of a janitorial contractor. Keeping the clients’ and employees’ needs top of our priority list, the more we spoke, the more we realized we’d be a powerhouse for anyone seeking a janitorial contractor!

We joined forces on March 31st, 2020 and by doing so have been able to provide the absolute best of service to our clients ever since! Their expertise in pandemics and hospital-grade sanitation, combined with their years of customer service and human resource experience, has resulted in better systems, better staffing and better results for our clients, new and old!

Call us today or fill out an inquiry form to request a facility tour and receive a custom quote. Before the new year, you could be experiencing the BLUECOOPER difference!